Neo4j Desktop


Neo4j Desktop

Neo4j Desktop is a client application to help you work with Neo4j, whether you are just getting started or have prior experience. It is designed to help you as a new user to learn and experiment with Neo4j locally by including everything you need to get started. Once you know Neo4j, Desktop becomes your local development environment for projects where you will use Neo4j. With Neo4j Desktop, you can create any number of local databases as supported by the resources of your machine.

Contents of this manual

This manual introduces the basic uses of Neo4j Desktop. Neo4j Desktop is a local development environment for working with Neo4j, whether using local database instances or databases located on remote servers.

The following areas on Neo4j Desktop are covered in this manual:

  • About Neo4j Desktop - A short presentation of the purpose and capabilities of Desktop.

  • Installation - System requirements and instructions for download and installation.

  • Visual tour - An overview of the Neo4j Desktop user interface.

  • Desktop operations - A high-level look at the various operations that can be performed from Desktop.

  • Troubleshooting guide - A walkthrough of common errors and their solutions.

Who should read this?

This manual is for developers, data scientists and data practitioners, and introduces the basic uses of Neo4j Desktop.