Getting Started Guide

Neo4j v4.4


Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database. The architecture is designed for optimal management, storage, and traversal of nodes and relationships. The graph database takes a property graph approach, which is beneficial for both traversal performance and operations runtime.


Cypher is Neo4j’s graph query language that allows users to store and retrieve data from the graph database. It is a declarative, SQL-inspired language for describing visual patterns in graphs using ASCII-art syntax. The syntax provides a visual and logical way to match patterns of nodes and relationships in the graph. Cypher has been designed to be easy to learn, understand, and use for everyone, but also incorporate the power and functionality of other standard data access languages.

Contents of this guide

The Neo4j Getting Started Guide covers the following areas:

Who should read this?

This guide is written for anyone who is exploring Neo4j and Cypher.