Neo4j Bloom 2.12

Neo4j Bloom

Neo4j Bloom is a graph exploration application for visually interacting with graph data.

A graph puts any information into context, connecting all the dots. People, places and things. Products, services and accounts. Transactions, identities and events. Neo4j Bloom shows the patterns you intuitively know are there in your data, and reveals new patterns you may not have expected. This new data vision opens up new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new possibilities. And it’s fun.

Neo4j Bloom is powered by the Neo4j graph database, an immensely powerful engine for storing and querying connected data. Bloom wraps that power into an interactive graph visualization environment, presenting a business view of the graph.

Contents of this guide

This Getting Started guide gives an introduction to Neo4j Bloom, its components and installation. If you are already familiar with the app concept, you can skip ahead to the Bloom quick start to begin exploring the graph right away.

The following areas of Neo4j Bloom are covered in this guide:

Who should read this?

This guide is written for:

  • Any user getting started with Neo4j Bloom.

  • The graph analyst creating Perspectives and exploring the business graph to discover insights.

  • The graph evangelist bringing graph exploration to the organization.

  • The graph administrator enabling business users to get started with graph exploration.