Default actions and shortcuts

Table 1. Neo4j Bloom Actions and their Keyboard Shortcuts
Action Description Shortcut Typed in search bar

icon magnifying glass


Opens the detail view of a selected node, showing all its properties and labels

Mac: +I

Windows: Ctrl+I

select related nodes

Select related nodes

Selects all nodes that can be connected to selected node

Mac: kbd:++R

Windows: Ctrl++R

icon invert

Invert Selection

Inverts the current selection

Mac: ++A

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+A

icon fit selection

Fit to selection

Zooms in and centers the selection on the canvas

Mac: +F

Windows: Ctrl+F

icon expand reveal


Expands all the neighbours of the selected nodes

Mac: +E

Windows: Ctrl+E

icon expand reveal


List/Detail view specific action. Reveals all the selected nodes or relationships on the canvas.

icon path


Shows the shortest path between two selected nodes

icon dismiss


Hides all selected nodes and relationships

Mac: +H

Windows: Ctrl+H

icon dismiss

Dismiss other nodes

Hides everything that is not selected

Mac: ++H

Windows: Ctrl++H

icon add

Create relationship

Allows the creation of relationship between two selected nodes. The direction is set in the sequence in which the two nodes are clicked.

icon add

Create node

Allows the creation of a node in a specified category. The newly created node will inherit all the labels that category has.

icon duplicate


Duplicates a selected node with all the properties it has. The newly duplicated node is always selected and has no relationships to other nodes.

Mac: +D

Windows: Ctrl+D

icon clear

Clear Scene

Clears the whole scene and collapses the list view

Mac: +

Windows: Ctrl+

refresh data

Refresh Data

Refreshes the data in the Scene

dismiss single nodes

Dismiss single nodes

Hides all nodes that have no relationships to other nodes in the Scene

Mac: ++S

Windows: Ctrl++S

icon undo


icon redo


icon jumpto

Jump to node/relationship

Zooms in and centers the desired node or relationship on the canvas

Select All

Selects all properties and relationships on the canvas

Mac: +A

Windows: Ctrl+A

Zoom In

Mac: ++

Zoom Out

Mac: +-