Dataflow Flex Template for BigQuery to Neo4j

The Flex Template allows to import data from a BigQuery dataset into a Neo4j database, through a Dataflow job. It also allows to manipulate and transform the data at various steps of the import. You can use the template for both first-time and incremental imports.

This guide walks you through how to import an example BigQuery dataset into a Neo4j database using a Dataflow job. It also provides a public dataset you can experiment with, before you go on and create an import job for you own dataset.

Things you will need

Here is the high-level list of the things you will need to run an import

Head to Prerequisites to find more details about each of them.

All Google-related resources (Cloud project, Cloud Storage buckets, Dataflow job) should either belong to the same account, or to one which the Dataflow job has permissions to access.