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Neo4j Books

There are a number of books available, the most seminal book is the 2nd edition of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases.

Neo4j Documentation

Our reference manual is vey comprehensive and the reference card is good to keep handy if you’re learning and using our query language.

Neo4j Graph Gist Examples

Neo4j Graph Gists are interactive, live graph examples for a variety of use-cases.

They are described by simple text documents containing data models and use cases in prose and pictures. More importantly they are visualized in interactive datasets (provided in Cypher) with live queries representing use-cases on that example data.

Neo4j Training Offerings

As an experienced Neo4j user you are eligible for taking the Neo4j Certification Exam to become a Certified Neo4j Professional. The exam is free of charge and can be retaken.

The in-person training classes give you access to Neo4j expert trainers:

The online course are a great way to get started in a self-paced fashion:

Neo4j Videos

We have a wide range of videos available which you can watch on your own time. Those videos support the learning experience and can deepen your understanding of certain topics.

Neo4j Presentations

There are more presentations available on our slideshare account.

Here are two recordings of our Chief Scientist which are not only informative but also entertaining.

Neo4j Cypher Resources

Neo4j’s query language is easy to learn and very powerful when it comes to expressing graph concepts for querying and updating data. There are a lot of resource available that cover various aspects of Cypher.