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O'Reilly Graph Databases

Graph Databases


By Ian Robinson, Jim Webber and Emil Eifrem

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Print Length: 224 pages

Available Formats: PDF - EN US, iBooks, Kindle


Graph Databases, published by O’Reilly Media, discusses the problems that are well aligned with graph databases, with examples drawn from practical, real-world use cases.

This book also looks at the ecosystem of complementary technologies, highlighting what differentiates graph databases from other database technologies, both relational and NoSQL.

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Topics Include:

  • Options for storing connected data
  • Data modeling with graphs
  • Building a graph database application
  • Predictive analysis with graph databases


This book significantly helps in understanding what graph databases are and how to use them properly ... I really liked reading it!

Krzysztof Ropiak, Customer