An environment that fosters belonging

IDEA Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability

IDEA strives to address, explore, educate, learn about, and respond to the diversity of the human experience.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, equitable, supportive, and culturally competent environment at our organization and within our community.

IDEA's Ultimate Goal:

DEI&B growth and sustainability across all areas of NEO4j

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Our Values

Commitment to Diversity

As a global organization, we deeply value diversity and understand that a variety of perspectives are essential in driving both employee and company success.

When hiring talent, we focus on attracting, selecting, and retaining top international employees with diverse backgrounds, outlooks, and qualifications.

Active Allyship

We understand that diversity is about more than just numbers. To ensure that our workplace is a safe place for all individuals to show up as themselves, we continually engage in general education, bias training, and employee-led discussion.

We are devoted to providing a welcoming environment, and to building and maintaining inclusivity.

Strong Community

At Neo4j, we're centered around relationships and believe that just like our products, people are fundamentally wired to connect.

Through this relationships-first approach, we are committed to building a meaningful and valued community for our employees, customers, partners, and graph enthusiasts.

What We Offer

DE&I at Neo4j

The Neo4j IDEA Committee is a global team of employees that represent a diverse range of job functions, levels, experiences, and world views. IDEA strives to respond to the diversity of the human experience and create an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent, and supportive environment at our organization and within our community.

Training & Development

We conduct ongoing training and workshops, including topics such as allyship, unconscious bias, and communicating across cultures. We also provide in-depth training for various groups, such as executive management, people managers, and individual departments within the organization.

Community Engagement

We've only just begun with community engagement ranging from sponsoring Pink Programming and Leading Women in Tech (LWT), as well as supporting and amplifying our Graphs4Good program which helps educators, entrepreneurs, and developers build a better world with connected data.

Employee Resource
Group Program

The Neo4j Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program provides employee-driven resource groups with company support and resources. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups whose goal is to help foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and to provide support in both personal and career development. We are proud to offer a variety of ERGs that act as safe spaces and that create lasting connections at work.

2022 and Beyond: Grow and Sustain

  • Elevate and grow our ERGs
  • Further develop our DEI&B curriculum
  • Provide more opportunities to increase awareness
  • Provide more opportunities for personal development
  • Provide more opportunities for employee wellness
  • Improve hiring and promoting practices
  • Increase retention

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