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Neo4j Technical Boot Camp (4 days)

Accelerate your Neo4j project with a hands-on engagement that consists of two days of extensive training and two days of custom work where you can apply newly-learned concepts.

Cypher from Beginner to Expert

Learn all aspects of Cypher, Neo4j’s query language, and become an expert in Neo4j. Through hands-on training with a guided engagement, with examples that can translate to your own data model, we will work with you to cover all aspects of Cypher and ensure your team is fully capable of building Cypher queries for your business applications.

Whiteboard Session

You want to explore the power of the graph for your business, but are not quite sure where to start? After an in-depth briefing from you, our graph experts will help you whiteboard your requirements and get you kick-started on Neo4j during a morning or afternoon session.

Domain and Data Modeling

Learn to define and model the graph to answer the questions that you want. As part of this engagement, you will learn best practices and get hands-on experience in structuring and optimizing your graph model.

Custom Consulting

Just want access to the Neo4j experts?

We can work with you to scope a specific consulting engagement to address your needs. Our team can offer expert guidance, or take a hands-on role in the development of your graph solution.

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Data Integration

Whether moving data from your existing systems into Neo4j, or exporting data from Neo4j to your application, we will assist your team in designing and implementing a data integration strategy.

Deployment Planning

Ready to deploy? We can help you with best practices for successfully deploying Neo4j in a production environment. We will cover topics such as: how to deploy, high availability, best practices, hardware sizing, monitoring, security, and operation of Neo4j.


Neo4j Production Audit

Work with our team to audit your Neo4j production environment. Our team will review your Neo4j production environment, identify potential risks, advise on best practices, and make any necessary changes to your Neo4j implementation.

Performance Tuning

We can help you optimize and tune your Neo4j implementation to run at peak performance in your production environment. Our experts will help you optimize your Cypher queries and tune Neo4j instances for optimal performance.


Operations Management of Neo4j

Work with our team to validate your Neo4j environment. Our experts will work with you to ensure that your Neo4j environment (single instance or high-availability) is durable, stable, and production-ready.