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  • Lock down funding for intelligent graph enhanced fraud solutions

    Speakers Rik Van Bruggen, Neo4j and Scott Heath, Expero

  • Build Intelligent Fraud Prevention with ML and Graphs

    Neo4j & Expero

  • Interpreting Relational Schema to Graphs

    Praveena Fernandes (Neo4j) discusses the benefits of graphs vs. relational databases and demos the RDBMS-to-Neo4j ETL Tool.

  • Thwart Fraud Using Graph Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

    Amy Hodler, Analytics Program Manager at Neo4j and Scott Heath, Graph Practice Lead at Expero

  • Graph Analytics: Graph Algorithms Inside Neo4j

    Amy Hodler & Mark Needham

  • Introduction to Neo4j

    Lju Lazarevic, Neo4j

  • Exploring the Bitcoin Blockchain in Neo4j

    Greg Walker, learnmeabitcoin.com

  • Building A GraphQL Service Backed By Neo4j

    Will Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • Knowledge Graphs Webinar

    Petra Selmer, Neo4j Engineer and openCypher member (Cypher Language Group)

  • Graph Solutions for Telecoms

    Telecommunications is all about connections. Graph databases are, therefore, an excellent fit for modelling, storing and querying telecommunications data of all kinds. Whether managing increasingly complex network structures, ever-more-diverse product lines and bundles, or customer satisfaction and retention in today’s competitive environments, graph databases enable businesses to become more agile by leveraging their connected data.

  • Addressing Key Challenges in Financial Services with Neo4j

    Alastair Green - Product Manager, Neo4j Richard Pike - CEO, Governor Software Hosted by

  • Neo4j 3.3 Release

    This webinar details the Neo4j 3.3 release. In 3.3 we focused on improving write and import performance in Community Edition, and cluster throughput and security in the Enterprise Edition. The result is that 3.3 writes are more than 50% faster than 3.2 and twice as fast as 3.1 Speaker

  • Solving GDPR with Neo4j and CluedIn

    The most critical step for companies to have a GDPR solution is having all their data connected and available in one place. We take the viewers through how 95% of companies can reach quick and low-cost compliance utilizing the graph as the connection foundation and CluedIn as the data integration platform that automatically gives companies their single point of customer truth.

  • Knowledge Graphs

    Jeff Morris, Head of Product Marketing

  • Neo4j: Import & Modelling

    Kees Vegter, Field Engineer, Neo4j

  • How to Make your Graph DB Project Successful with Neo4j Services

    Neo4j is widely used across many industries to tackle a multitude of modern-day business challenges. From powering Walmart’s retail recommendation system, to detecting fraud at Fortune 500 financial institutions, to optimizing delivery service routing at eBay, the Neo4j team has helped implement projects across a wide spectrum of industries and use-cases. Hear how other top organisations have quickly and successfully launched their graph database projects by leveraging Neo4j Consulting Services and learn more about the different offerings available.

  • Beyond Big Data: Leverage Large-Scale Connections

    Amy Hodler, Sr. Manager Partner Marketing, Neo4j with Nav Mathur, Senior Director, Global Solutions, Neo4j and Richard Sheppard, Director of Sales, Blair Technology Solutions

  • Einfacher Daten-Import mit Neo4j

    Neo4j Field Team [DE]

  • Native vs Non Native Graphs

    In this recorded webinar, Dr. Jim Webber, Chief Scientist at Neo4j, surveys some of the non-native graph approaches on the market today and shows where they fall short of the native graph approach of Neo4j in terms of efficiency, performance, safety and agility.

  • RDBMS to Graphs

    Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • Exploring Graph Visualization

    Andreas Kollegger, Product Designer, Neo4j

  • Intro to Cypher

    William Lyon, Developer Relations, Neo4j

  • Intro to Neo4j

    Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • An Agile & Adaptive Approach to Addressing Financial Services Regulations and Compliance

    Navneet Mathur, Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j with Lee Hong, Senior Data Scientist, Kelsey Bieri, Data Governance Analyst, and Principal - Banking & Financial Services, of ICC

  • Using Graphs to Comply with GDPR

    Andrew Chumney, Single View Solutions Manager, Pitney Bowes with Navneet Mathur, Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j and Alex Batanov, Field Engineer, Neo4j

  • The Native Graph Advantage

    Jim Webber, Chief Scientist, Neo4j

  • Neo4j-Databridge: Enterprise-scale ETL for Neo4j

    Vince Bickers, Principal Consultant, GraphAware

  • What does MDM have to do with Innovation

    Navneet Mathur, Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j

  • Neo4j on Microsoft Azure

    Igor Borojevic and Amy Holder of Neo4j with Shawn Elliott of Microsoft

  • Detecting eCommerce Fraud with Linkurious

    Mohsan Tanvir, Business Developer at Linkurious

  • Network and IT Ops Series Build Production Solutions

    Jeff Morris, Director, Neo4j

  • Neo4j 3.2 Launch

    Jeff Morris, Director of Product Marketing, Neo4j

  • Graphs & the Police - How Law Enforcement Analyze Connected Data at Scale

    Christian Miles, Technical Sales Manager, Cambridge Intelligence

  • Polyglotte Architekturen mit Neo4j

    Stefan Kolmar, Director Field Engineering [DE]

  • Complex Telco Networks as Simple Graphs

    Jeff Morris, Product Marketing, Neo4j

  • How Graphs are Taming the Complexity of Network & IT Ops

    Jeff Morris, Head of Product Marketing, Neo4j, and Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations, Neo4j

  • Stop Complex Fraud in its Tracks with Neo4j

    Alessandro Svensson, Head of Neo4j Solutions Lab, with Navneet Mathur, Global Solutions, and Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • Working With a Real-World Dataset in Neo4j - Import and Modeling

    William Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • RDBMS to Graph

    Ryan Boyd, Engineer and Developer Advocate, Neo4j

  • Cartographier les systèmes d'informations avec les graphes

    Mathilde Ffrench, Fondatrice Echinopsii [FR]

  • Building a Live Dashboard for Fraud Analysis

    Jesús Barrasa, Senior Graph Solutions Consultant, Neo4j

  • Using Cypher Procedures and Functions

    William Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • How to Design Retail Recommendation Engines with Neo4j

    Alessandro Svensson, Solutions Marketing Manager and Will Lyon, Developer Relations, Neo4j

  • Lesser Known Features in Cypher

    Alex Price, Field Engineer, Neo4j

  • Intro to Cypher

    Mark Needham, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j

  • Introducing Neo4j 3.1: The Graph Foundation for the Enterprise

    Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo4j and the Neo4j Product Team

  • Neo4j Use Cases - Graphdatenbanken im Einsatz

    Bruno Ungermann, Sales Manager [DE]

  • Neo4j Top Use Cases

    Jonny Cheetham, Sales Director

  • Large Scale Graph Processing with IBM Power Systems and Neo4j

    Keshav Ranganathan, Senior Offering Manager, IBM and Phillip Rathle, VP of Products, Neo4j

  • Neo4j 3.1 - Die Neuerungen im Überblick

    Michael Hunger, Developer Evangelist [DE]