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Neo4j Bloom

A beautiful and expressive data visualization tool to quickly explore and freely interact with Neo4j’s graph data platform with no coding required.

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Neo4j Bloom gives graph technology novices and experts the ability to visually explore and investigate their Neo4j graph data.

Its illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface for fostering communication between peers and domain specialists.

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With Neo4j Bloom, immerse yourself in the data through the power of visualization. Gain deeper insight into each and every connection, relationship, and properties within and between entities of your Neo4j graph data, all through a rich and friendly UI.

Illustration of an eye within a small graph


With Neo4j Bloom, investigate and explore data that drives meaningful outcomes within your organization. Bloom’s easy-to-use illustrative design and powerful graph analytics help to paint a beautiful picture of what your data is telling you.


Neo4j Bloom improves cross-team collaboration with codeless search-to-story design. Simplify complex queries using custom Cypher-based search phrases and the near-natural language search functions. Define, save and share graph perspectives and assign role-based access to each one.

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Bloom Features




with paid plan

Near-Natural language search Yes Yes
Exploration Yes Yes
Use with Local Database Yes Yes
Use with Remote Databases No Yes
Scene Saving No Yes
Perspective Storage Local to client In database
Sharing and Authorization No Yes

Hear from our customers visualizing cool things with Bloom

  • In the graph, I see genes, proteins, and metabolic pathways visualized pictorially. I can follow links across multiple nodes, dive into groups of data, and move freely in all directions. This is investigative research in the truest sense of the word.

    Dr. Alexander Jarasch, Head of Data and Knowledge Management, DZD

  • For me, utilizing this type of technology was a no-brainer. Neo4j really stood out as something that made sense to me, both from a logical standpoint and a visual standpoint. It made it really easy for our end users to visualize that data, see connections, find out how the data was being impacted, and to find information much more quickly.

    David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect, NASA

  • Neo4j’s flexibility with data connections allows customers to import all of their connected data, see the richness in the data relationships, understand different patterns and get insights from their data.

    Chuck Kane, VP of Advanced Solutions, Precisely

  • Bloom visualization makes it easy to drive discussion and help my clients understand the cheapest, fastest, or the greatest value path available to them and drive better decision making

    Rob Orlando, Chief Operations Officer, Processus Group

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