NODES 2022: Chris Engelbert on Building Agriculture Platforms as Scalable as Farms

See “Of Farm Topologies and Time-Series Data” with data analyst and engineer Christoph Engelbert, live during Neo4j’s NODES 2022 live streaming webcast at 1420 GMT / 1520 CET Thursday, November 17.  Registration for the 24-hour live, worldwide event is free.… Read more →

Main hall of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

Graph Databases Explained: How Relationships Change Everything

If you use ours or anyone’s native graph database system, and you wind up with a data model that is not connected, not networked, and does not account for all the possible relationships between all the elements of data in your entire data warehouse, you’re doing it wrong. Read more →

Healthcare Analytics Sandbox: Load and Analyze FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Data With Neo4j

Health care analytics is an analysis activity that can be undertaken as a result of data collected from four areas within healthcare:Claims and Cost DataPharmaceutical and Research and Development (R&D) DataClinical Data (collected from electronic medical records (EHRs))Patient Behavior and Sentiment Data (patient… Read more →