neosemantics (n10s): Neo4j RDF & Semantics toolkit

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neosemantics (n10s) is a plugin that enables the use of RDF and its associated vocabularies like (OWL,RDFS,SKOS and others) in Neo4j. RDF is a W3C standard model for data interchange.

You can use n10s to build integrations with RDF-generating / RDF-consuming components. You can also use it to validate your graph against constraints expressed in SHACL or to run basic inferencing.

Availability & Installation

neosemantics runs as an extension to your Neo4j database. Downloading the appropriate release for your Neo4j database into the plugins folder adds n10s to any Neo4j installation.

The n10s GraphApp will help you get started with neosemantics

Functionality Includes

  • Import/Export of RDF and RDF* in multiple formats (Turtle, N-Triples, JSON-LD, RDF/XML, TriG and N-Quads, Turtle*, TriG*)

  • Model mapping on import/export

  • Import and export of Ontologies/Taxonomies in different vocabularies (OWL,SKOS,RDFS)

  • Graph validation based on SHACL constraints

  • Basic inferencing

Videos & Tutorials