Neo4j Aura overview

Neo4j Aura is a fast, scalable, always-on, fully automated graph platform offered as a cloud service.

Aura includes AuraDB, the graph database as a service for developers building intelligent applications, and AuraDS, the graph data science as a service for data scientists building predictive models and analytics workflows.

Neo4j AuraDB

Neo4j AuraDB is the fully managed graph database as a service that helps build intelligent, context-driven applications faster with lightning-fast queries, real-time insights, built-in developer tools, data visualization, and integrations supported by the largest graph developer community.

For more information on AuraDB, see the Neo4j AuraDB overview.

Neo4j AuraDS

Neo4j AuraDS is the fully managed data science as a service solution for data scientists that unifies the machine learning (ML) surface and graph database into a single workspace, making it easy to uncover the connections in big data and answer business-critical questions.

For more information on AuraDS, see the Neo4j AuraDS overview.

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