Neo4j AuraDB overview

Neo4j AuraDB is a fully managed cloud graph database service.

Built to leverage relationships in data, AuraDB enables lightning-fast queries for real-time analytics and insights. AuraDB is reliable, secure, and fully automated, enabling you to focus on building graph applications without worrying about database administration.


AuraDB offers the following subscription plans: AuraDB Free, AuraDB Professional, and AuraDB Enterprise. The full list of features available in each plan is available on the Neo4j Pricing page.

Updates and upgrades

AuraDB does not have any scheduled maintenance windows. It is designed to be always on and available, with all corrections, fixes, and upgrades automatically applied in the background.

Releases for the Neo4j database are also deployed when they become available. Operations are non-disruptive, and you shouldn’t experience any downtime as a result.


For a breakdown of the support offered across plan types as well as the support holiday schedule, see the Aura Support page.

Additionally, you can access the Aura Status page to check the current operational status of Aura and subscribe to updates.