Neo4j AuraDB overview

Neo4j AuraDB is a fully managed cloud graph database service.

Built to leverage relationships in data, AuraDB enables lightning-fast queries for real-time analytics and insights. AuraDB is reliable, secure, and fully automated, enabling you to focus on building graph applications without worrying about database administration.


AuraDB offers the following subscription plans: AuraDB Free, AuraDB Professional, and AuraDB Enterprise.

Each plan offers different levels of functionality and support:

Table 1. Platform
AuraDB Free AuraDB Professional AuraDB Enterprise

Instance size

Limits on node and relationship counts

1GB - 64GB (RAM)

4GB - 384GB (RAM)

Automated upgrades and patches


Fault tolerant

Cloud tenancy



Single-tenant with VPC isolation, dedicated cloud infrastructure

Cloud providers




Service availability SLA

99.95% uptime

Multi-user console control

Multi-availability zone clusters

Clone database

Table 2. Tools integrations and ecosystem
AuraDB Free AuraDB Professional AuraDB Enterprise

Neo4j Browser

Neo4j Bloom data visualization

Support Apache Spark connector

Standard procedure library (apoc-core)

Table 3. Backup
AuraDB Free AuraDB Professional AuraDB Enterprise

Backup frequency/RPO



Backup retention

7 day

90 day

On-demand point-in-time snapshots

Table 4. Security
AuraDB Free AuraDB Professional AuraDB Enterprise

Encryption (at rest, in transit)

DBMS level role-based access control

Fine-grained database security

Single sign-on

Private VPC endpoints

AWS using AWS PrivateLink

Table 5. Pricing and usage
AuraDB Free AuraDB Professional AuraDB Enterprise

Capacity-based consumption pricing model


Pay-as-you-go with credit card

Prepaid contract terms with custom pricing

Cloud marketplace billing

Volume discounts

Terms of Service



Enterprise with commercial negotiations

For information on the different levels of support offered in each plan, see Support.