Aura with cloud provider marketplaces

Using Neo4j Aura via a cloud provider marketplace enables you to provision and manage Neo4j Aura databases from your chosen cloud provider console, while taking advantage of any integrated billing.

The currently available cloud providers are:

Aura with GCP

1. Purchase the service

To get started, visit the Neo4j Aura for GCP Marketplace page and click Purchase. Note that you won’t be billed until you create a database, so purchasing Neo4j Aura on GCP just gets you started.

Purchasing from the GCP marketplace requires the Billing Account Administrator (roles/billing.admin) role as highlighted in the Overview of Cloud Billing access control Google Cloud documentation.

2. Choose a project

If you purchase the service at the top level of your GCP account, you’ll need to choose a target project. You will only need to purchase Neo4j Aura for GCP once, as you can then enable it on a project-by-project basis. However, you still need to choose a target project when you first purchase the service.

3. Enable the service

Once you have purchased the service and switched to a target project, you will get the option to Enable the service for that project. Click Enable to activate Neo4j Aura for GCP on your project.

Enabling a service through GCP requires the roles/serviceusage.serviceUsageAdmin role as highlighted in the Access Control with IAM Google Cloud documentation.

Once you have enabled the service, you will be directed to the Neo4j Aura for GCP API page. This page displays your service details and billing information. When this is first set up, you should have no billing history.

4. Completing the set up

To start a database, you can now get to the Neo4j Aura website by clicking MANAGE VIA NEO4J, INC..

When you click "MANAGE VIA NEO4J, INC.", you will be alerted that "You’re leaving Google". When you click Confirm, if the Neo4j Aura website fails to open you may need to address any popup blockers in your browser and try again.

For security purposes, Neo4j and GCP do not share your login credentials. You will need to log in to the Neo4j Aura website with the Google account you have used on GCP.

Once logged-in, you’ll be asked to accept the Neo4j Aura Terms of Service, before being directed to the Neo4j Aura dashboard. From here, you are ready to create a Neo4j Aura database hosted on GCP. Usage will be billed directly to your GCP billing account.

AuraDB with AWS

AuraDB Enterprise

With AuraDB Enterprise, you can provision and manage Neo4j AuraDB databases through the AWS Marketplace.

For private offers, please contact