Neo4j GraphQL Library

Documentation license: Creative Commons 4.0

This is the documentation for the Neo4j GraphQL Library version 3.0, authored by the Neo4j GraphQL Team.

This documentation covers the following topics:

  • Introduction - Introduction to the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • Getting Started - Start here if you want to quickly get up and running with the library.

  • Type Definitions - Define your nodes and relationships using type definitions as documented here.

  • Queries - GraphQL Queries allow you to read data in your Neo4j database.

  • Mutations - GraphQL Mutations allow you to change data in your Neo4j database.

  • Subscriptions - GraphQL Subscriptions for real-time data updates.

  • Filtering - This chapter covers how to filter your data in Queries and Mutations.

  • Sorting - This chapter covers how to sort the data being returned.

  • Pagination - This chapter covers the pagination options offered by the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • Custom Resolvers - Learn how to implement custom functionality accessible through your API.

  • Auth - Covers the authentication and authorisation options offered by this library.

  • Directives - An index of all of the directives offered by the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • API Reference - API reference for constructing an instance of the library.

  • OGM - This chapter covers the OGM (Object Graph Mapper), a programmatic way of using your API.

  • Introspector - This chapter covers how you can introspect an existing Neo4j database and automatically generate GraphQL type definitions from that.

  • Driver Configuration - How to configure a database driver for use with this library.

  • Guides - Guides for usage of the library, including migration guides for moving between versions.

  • Troubleshooting - Having problems with the library? See if your problem has been found and solved before.

This manual is primarily written for software engineers building an API using the Neo4j GraphQL Library.