Neo4j GraphQL Library

Documentation license: Creative Commons 4.0

Welcome to the official documentation for the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

1. Introduction

In this section you will find; notes on background information, links and resources, dependencies and requirements, plus pointers on where to get support. If you are already familiar with Neo4j GraphQL, or just want to get started, then jump directly to Getting Started.

2. Why Neo4j and GraphQL?

Bringing the native graph storage of Neo4j to the GraphQL ecosystem has been a long time in the making. Translating your GraphQL queries to Cypher that the Neo4j database can understand means that we can easily eliminate the n+1 issue that plagues a lot of GraphQL implementations.

3. What is Neo4j GraphQL ?

It is a GraphQL to Cypher query execution layer for Neo4j and JavaScript GraphQL implementations. Such an implementation makes it easier for developers to use Neo4j and GraphQL together.

Taking a set of Type Definitions; we produce an executable GraphQL Schema, where a given GraphQL query is transformed into a single Cypher query. This translation means users can let the library handle all the database communications, and thus enabling users to focus on building great applications.

Our GraphQL implementation exposes two products;

  1. Neo4jGraphQL - Used for GraphQL API’s such as Apollo Server

  2. OGM - A Handy tool, to use in application code, driven by GraphQL Type Definitions.

With a powerful feature set including;

  1. Auth

  2. Nested Mutations

Overall anyone in the Javascript ecosystem, wanting to use either Neo4j and or GraphQL should find Neo4j GraphQL an indispensable tool for building great applications.

4. Requirements

  1. Neo4j Database 4.1.0 and above

  2. APOC 4.1.0 and above

5. Resources

6. Licence

  1. Documentation: Creative Commons 4.0

  2. Source: Apache 2.0