Neo4j GraphQL Library

Documentation license: Creative Commons 4.0

This is the documentation for the Neo4j GraphQL Library, authored by the Neo4j GraphQL Team.

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This documentation covers the following topics:

  • Introduction - Introduction to the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • Getting Started - Start here if you want to quickly get up and running with the library.

  • Type Definitions - Define your nodes and relationships using type definitions as documented here.

  • Queries - GraphQL Queries allow you to read data in your Neo4j database.

  • Mutations - GraphQL Mutations allow you to change data in your Neo4j database.

  • Subscriptions - GraphQL Subscriptions for real-time data updates.

  • Filtering - This chapter covers how to filter your data in Queries and Mutations.

  • Sorting - This chapter covers how to sort the data being returned.

  • Pagination - This chapter covers the pagination options offered by the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • Mathematical operators - This chapter covers how to use the Mathematical operators.

  • Array methods - This chapter covers how to use the Array methods.

  • Custom Resolvers - Learn how to implement custom functionality accessible through your API.

  • Auth - Covers the authentication and authorization options offered by this library.

  • Directives - An index of all of the directives offered by the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

  • API Reference - API reference for constructing an instance of the library.

  • OGM - This chapter covers the OGM (Object Graph Mapper), a programmatic way of using your API.

  • Introspector - This chapter covers how you can introspect an existing Neo4j database and automatically generate GraphQL type definitions from that.

  • GraphQL Toolbox - Purpose-built Developer UI for your Neo4j GraphQL API.

  • Driver Configuration - How to configure a database driver for use with this library.

  • Guides - Guides for usage of the library, including migration guides for moving between versions.

  • Troubleshooting - Having problems with the library? See if your problem has been found and solved before.

  • Deprecations - Overview and information regarding deprecated products and applications.

This manual is primarily written for software engineers building an API using the Neo4j GraphQL Library.