Several Mutations are automatically generated for each type defined in type definitions, which are covered in the following chapters:

  • Create - create nodes, and recursively create or connect further nodes in the graph

  • Update - update nodes, and recursively perform any operations from there

  • Delete - delete nodes, and recursively delete or disconnect further nodes in the graph

A note on nested Mutations

You will see some basic examples of nested Mutations in this chapter, which barely scratch the surface of what can be achieved with them. It’s encouraged to explore the power of what you can do with them!

However, it has to be noted that in order to provide the abstractions available in these Mutations, the output Cypher can end up being extremely complex, which can result in your database throwing out-of-memory errors depending on its configuration.

If out-of-memory errors are a regular occurrence, you can adjust the dbms.memory.heap.max_size parameter in the DBMS settings.

If you need to perform major data migrations, it may be best to manually write the necessary Cypher and execute this directly in the database.