1. Debug Logging

@neo4j/graphql uses the debug library for debug-level logging. You can turn on all debug logging by setting the environment variable DEBUG to @neo4j/graphql:* whilst running. For example:

DEBUG=@neo4j/graphql:* node src/index.js

Alternatively, if you are debugging a particular functionality, you can specify a number of namespaces to isolate certain log lines:

  1. @neo4j/graphql:* - Logs all

  2. @neo4j/graphql:auth - Logs the status of authorization header and token extraction, and decoding of JWT

  3. @neo4j/graphql:graphql - Logs the GraphQL query and variables

  4. @neo4j/graphql:execute - Logs the Cypher and Cypher paramaters before execution, and summary of execution