The RAG Demo uses a knowledge graph of the SEC filings with additional company information with the Neo4j vector index and LangChain to provide a retrieval augmented generation (RAG) chatbot.

The chatbot can answer questions about the SEC filings and provide additional information about the companies.


The Demo is available online under: https://neo4j-rag-demo.onrender.com/

Functionality Includes


Neo4j Query Engine Pack

This Neo4j Query Engine LlamaPack creates a Neo4j query engine, and executes its query function. This pack offers the option of creating multiple types of query engines, namely:

  • Knowledge graph vector-based entity retrieval (default if no query engine type option is provided)

  • Knowledge graph keyword-based entity retrieval

  • Knowledge graph hybrid entity retrieval

  • Raw vector index retrieval

  • Custom combo query engine (vector similarity + KG entity retrieval)

  • KnowledgeGraphQueryEngine

  • KnowledgeGraphRAGRetriever