About Neo4j Licenses

Neo4j is an open source project, whose source and copyright is owned and maintained by Neo Technology. This page is intended to clarify the licenses and terms under which Neo4j is made available. If you want to learn more about Neo4j editions, please visit Neo4j Editions.

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Neo4j Community Edition

Neo4j Community is a fully featured, best-in-class graph database that uses the GPL v3 license. We chose GPL because it means that Neo4j Community Edition can be used for free with your project: whether in the cloud or behind the firewall. If you’re building an application that accesses a Neo4j database running inside your organization (or on any personal device), then you are free to use Community Edition, whether or not your software is closed source. Download Neo4j →

Neo4j Enterprise Edition

Neo4j Enterprise is designed for commercial deployments where scale and availability are important. To use Neo4j Enterprise, select the licensing option that best matches your needs: Learn More →

    Neo4j Commercial License

    Use of Neo4j Enterprise by closed-source software applications requires a commercial license, offered under a subscription agreement. In addition to granting the right to use the software as part of a closed-source project, it also includes world-class support, and commercial backing by Neo Technology. Learn more→

    Neo4j Evaluation License

    Users seeking to evaluate Neo4j Enterprise Edition may do so under an Evaluation License. This provides the full set of Enterprise Edition features for a trial period in commericial use. Evaluations typically include not just software, but expert assistance from Neo Technology to help you get your project successfully off the ground.

    Neo4j Educational License

    Most needs of students and educators can be fully met with Neo4j Community Edition. However there are some cases where it can be useful to have access to the full set of scaling & operational features available in Neo4j Enterprise. In this case, Neo Technology offers an educational license. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with one.

    Neo4j Loves Open Source

    If you’re interested in using Neo4j Enterprise for your open source project, learn more about our Fair Trade Licensing option under the AGPL for open source projects.