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Current Releases

Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.1.3

1 October 2020 Release Notes | Read More
OS Download
Linux/Mac Neo4j 4.1.3 (tar)
Windows Neo4j 4.1.3 (zip)

Neo4j Repositories

Debian/Ubuntu Neo4j on Debian and Ubuntu
Cypher Shell
Linux Yum Neo4j Stable Yum Repo
Docker Neo4j Docker Image

Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.0.8

31 August 2020 Release Notes | Read More
OS Download
Linux/Mac Neo4j 4.0.8 (tar)
Windows Neo4j 4.0.8 (zip)

Neo4j Enterprise Edition 3.5.22

15 September 2020 Release Notes | Read More
OS Download
Linux/Mac Neo4j 3.5.22 (tar)
Windows Neo4j 3.5.22 (zip)

Older Enterprise Edition versions are available at the Support Portal here after logging in.


By downloading and installing this pre-release software, you agree to the terms of the Pre-Release Agreement for Neo4j Software and will be automatically enrolled in our feedback program. Check out our User Experience Improvement Program for details.

Neo4j Desktop CanaryPre-Release, For Development Only

OS Download

Getting Canary Version ...


Getting Canary Version ...


Getting Canary Version ...

Cypher Shell

OS Distribution 4.1.2
Windows, Mac Linux zip
Linux debian cypher-shell_4.1.2_all.deb
Linux rpm cypher-shell-4.1.2-1.noarch.rpm
OS Distribution 4.0.5
Windows, Mac Linux zip
Linux debian cypher-shell_4.0.5_all.deb
Linux rpm cypher-shell-4.0.5-1.noarch.rpm
OS Distribution 1.1.14
Windows, Mac Linux zip
Linux debian cypher-shell_1.1.14_all.deb
Linux rpm cypher-shell-1.1.14-1.noarch.rpm

Neo4j Graph Data Science

Neo4j Bloom

Distribution Release Notes
Neo4j Bloom 1.4.0 Bloom 1.4.0 Release Notes

Includes Neo4j Bloom server plugin and Bloom web application bundle for self-hosting. Contact your Neo4j account representative for a license activation key to use the Bloom server plugin.

Neo4j Integrations and Connectors

Neo4j BI Connector

Distribution Documentation
Neo4j BI Connector 1.0.6 Included in Download

Neo4j Streams

Distribution Documentation
Neo4j Streams 4.0.4 (zip) For 4.0 Series Neo4j Databases
4.0.4 Guide
Neo4j Streams 3.5.10 (zip) For 3.5 Series Neo4j Databases
3.5.10 Guide

Official Neo4j Drivers

Language Distribution Release Notes and Changelog Preview Current
Java maven Neo4j Java Driver Wiki 4.2.0-alpha01 4.1.1
Javascript npm Neo4j Javascript Driver Wiki 4.2.0-alpha01 4.1.2
Python pypi Neo4j Python Driver Wiki 4.2.0a1 4.1.1
.NET nuget Neo4j .NET Driver Wiki 4.2.0-alpha03 4.1.1
Go github Neo4j Go Driver Wiki 4.0.0-alpha1 1.8.3

Community-Contributed Drivers

Thanks to the Neo4j contributor community, there are additionally drivers for almost every popular programming language, most of which mimic existing database driver idioms and approaches. See the dedicated pages linked below for more detail.

.NET Java Spring Neo4j-OGM JavaScript
Python Ruby PHP R Go
Erlang/Elixir C/C++ Clojure Perl Haskell

Neo4j Add-Ons

Kerberos for Neo4j

Extend Neo4j with Kerberos authentication. For use in conjunction with another provider such as LDAP for authorization.


Kerberos for Neo4j 3.1 (zip)
Kerberos for Neo4j 4.0 (zip)