Neo4j Connector for BI

Neo4j Connector for BI delivers direct access to Neo4j graph data from business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau, Looker, TIBCO Spotfire Server and Microstrategy. It’s the first enterprise-ready, supported product to deliver real-time, connected data results to BI users in a seamless manner, avoiding coding, custom scripting, and ungoverned access.

Neo4j Connector for BI enables data analysts, investigators, and data scientists to seamlessly:

  • Connect to a Neo4j database in real time
  • Select graph data in the same manner as relational and NoSQL data
  • Query using SQL to retrieve data from Neo4j in tabular form
  • Analyze and visualize graph data results to gain unique insights from highly connected data

Neo4j Connector for BI is available at no extra charge for Neo4j Enterprise Edition customers. Functionally, the product:

  • Builds on the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) standard
  • Translates SQL into Neo4j’s native, graph-optimized Cypher language
  • Makes connected data insights accessible in real-time
  • Is fully supported and ready for production, enterprise deployment

Use Neo4j Connector for BI to leverage business intelligence graph data for innovation and digital transformation projects.

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Getting Started with the Neo4j Connector for BI
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Neo4j Connector for BI Product Brief (English)
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Product Brief
Neo4j Connector for BI Product Brief (French)
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Tech Guide
Neo4j Connector for BI Technical Guide

Our team has been testing the Neo4j Connector for BI with several popular business intelligence and data visualization tools with great results.

BI power users and analysts can now easily build real-time KPIs and dashboards directly on top of Neo4j, harnessing the superior analytical power of graphs to generate new cross-domain business insights for the whole company.

This completely transforms business analytics.

Dr. Michael Moore

National Practice Lead for Enterprise Knowledge Graphs
+ AI EY’s Data and Analytics (DnA) Group