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  • Enterprise Subscription

    A commercial license for Neo4j Enterprise Edition, providing production-certified versions of Neo4j, with enterprise-grade scaling and ops features.

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  • Startup Program

    A special program just for startups, because the next generation ideas that will change the world should be powered by graph technology. We want to help you build a successful startup.

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Community Edition

Ideal for learning Neo4j and smaller do-it-yourself projects that do not require high levels of scaling or professional services and support.

Enterprise Edition

The same great features as Community Edition, with enterprise-grade availability, management, and scale-up and scale-out capabilities.

A Closer Look at Neo4j Editions

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Database Features



Date/Time data type*
3D Geospatial data types*
Native String Indexes – up to 5x faster writes*
100B+ Bulk Importer Resumable*
Enterprise Cypher Runtime up to 70% faster
Hot Backups 2x Faster*
ACID Transactions
High-performance native API
High-performance caching
Cost-based query optimizer
Graph algorithms library to support AI initiatives
Massively parallel graph algorithms
Query monitoring with enriched metrics
User and role-based security
LDAP and Active Directory Integration
Kerberos security option
*New in Version 3.4

Architecture Features



(partition of clusters)*
Automatic Cache Warming*
Rolling Upgrades*
Resumable Copy/
Restore Cluster Member*
New diagnostic metrics
and support tools*
Property Blacklisting*
Language drivers for Java, Python, C# & JavaScript
Bolt Binary Protocol
RPM, Debian, Docker, Azure & AWS Cloud Delivery
Intra-cluster encryption secures all traffic across data centers and cloud zones
IPv6 support in clustered deployments Available
High throughput, least-connected load balancing built into Bolt drivers
Causal Clustering, core and read-replica design at global scale for applications, analytics workflows, HA and DR
Enterprise Lock Manager accesses all cores on server
*New in Version 3.4

Graph Platform Features



Labeled property graph model
Native graph processing & storage
Cypher graph query language
Neo4j Browser with syntax highlighting
Fast writes via native label indexes
Composite Indexes
Cypher for Apache Spark (CAPS) for big data analytics
Graph size limitations 34B nodes (et al.) None
Auto reuse of deleted space
Property existence constraints
Cypher query tracing, monitoring and metrics
Node Key schema constraints
Neo4j Desktop: Free developer-friendly package with full database and tools

We found Neo4j to be literally thousands of times faster than our prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code. Today, Neo4j provides eBay with functionality that was previously impossible.
Volker Pacher
Senior Staff Engineer, eBay

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Witness first-hand how Neo4j performs in a production-level environment: Take the free Neo4j in Production online course or calculate the recommended hardware configuration for your Neo4j deployment.