The Neo4j Graph Incubator Gives You the Power of the Graph Right from the Start

    We want to help you build a successful startup because the next generation ideas that will change the world should be powered by graphs. For this you need great software, and a strong team behind it. The Neo4j Graph Incubator is a startup program designed for companies getting off the ground, helping you to get the most out of Neo4j during development and keep the lights on when you make it to production. You get the same world-class technology that’s used by the most successful startups and Global 2000s.

    Startups automatically get to take part in the Neo4j Customer Reference Program, with opportunities for visibility through interviews, webinars, or speaking engagements.

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    Neo4j Graph Incubator Overview


    • Companies with up to 20 employees may use Neo4j Enterprise features free of charge: in customer facing as well as internal applications. World-class support can be purchased separately, as needed.
    • Companies with up to 50 employees are eligible for special Startup pricing for the Neo4j Enterprise subscription. This license includes expert support to ensure your startup’s success.

    If you are using Neo4j inside of an application that you plan to distribute to third parties, please contact us to find out more about becoming a Neo4j OEM partner.


    • Up to $3M USD  in annual revenue
    • Up to 50 employees

    Startup Program Alumni


    Startups Powered by Neo4j


    “I’ve often said that the decision to use Neo4j was probably the best technology choice we made. It let us build our app and focus on the user experience rather than the format of the data being stored.”

    Aseem Kishore, Engineer, FiftyThree
    (Source:  Betting on a Graph Database” GraphConnect Boston, MA, May 2013. Slideshow.)