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Zero Administration

Neo4j AuraDB™ empowers developers to rapidly deploy, build and expand graph applications in the cloud.

Without the burden of managing infrastructure, you put your focus back on what's important – building smart, data-driven applications.

Neo4j AuraDB Is Fully Managed and Completely Automated

With AuraDB, you never have to worry about database setup, operations, upgrades, monitoring or backups.

Get Running in Under 5 Minutes

Deploy and set up AuraDB with just a few clicks – simply select your instance size and be on your way. The infrastructure is automatically provisioned, so setup is managed for you.

Get Automatic Upgrades and Patches with No Downtime

Service upgrades, security updates and new features happen automatically, in the background, so there is no service interruption or maintenance window. You're guaranteed the newest features and upgrades with continuous performance improvements as soon as they are available, while staying backward compatible.

Scale On-Demand, Without Service Interruption

Resize your database seamlessly with just a click. Just select the size you want. The service scales automatically for you in the background – no service interruption, degradation or downtime. Adapt your usage to your changing needs, on demand.

Fully Managed Backups

With flexible backup policies, your backups are automated for worry-free data availability and disaster recovery. Backup snapshots are fully encrypted and verified for data consistency. Restore or clone backups with just a click and recover your data reliably.

Cross-Region Database Cloning

Create database clones quickly and easily with just a click. Create clones on any cloud region of your choice. Resize your database while you clone. Each clone works just like a normal database and takes just minutes. Speed up development, accurately test code, and fix issues faster with up-to-date, isolated copies of the database, saving time and effort.

Pause database on demand, Save 80% cost

Pause your database anytime on demand, and run only when you need it -- whether seasonal usage or dev-test environments. When paused, no compute or memory activity occurs and you pay only 20% of the running cost. Your data and backups remains intact. Resume instantly with just a click back to your original state.


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