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Neo4j IS AN Amazon Web Services (AWS) ADVANCED PARTNER

Unlock Deeper Insights on AWS with Neo4j Graph Database and Analytics

Build smarter AI on AWS with Neo4j. As an AWS strategic collaboration partner, Neo4j is the only graph database that helps developers ground AI with knowledge graphs.


Get Started with Neo4j
and Amazon Bedrock

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Knowledge Graphs with AWS

Completeness of Answers

Produce accurate and relevant responses: always explainable.

Lightning-Fast Responses

Return answers with queries that don’t require joins. Ever.

Dev-Friendly Schema

Easily add new and different data without rebuilding from scratch.

Privacy Safeguards

Integrate access policies and add rules for granular control. 

Ground Your Generative AI
in Facts with Neo4j and AWS

Solve hallucinations in large language models using the Neo4j and AWS reference architecture. Amazon Bedrock structurizes unstructured data into knowledge graphs in Neo4j. This provides verified facts to your AI, while Bedrock summarizes graph relationships. The result - generative AI grounded in reality.

Neo4j in the AWS Ecosystem

The Neo4j graph database is part of a larger ecosystem on AWS. Neo4j works with a variety of AWS services, plugging into your existing architecture.

Integrated Data Pipelines

Integrate data pipelines using Amazon services like Amazon EMR or Amazon MSK.

Ease of Development

Use familiar frameworks like Amazon AppSync (GraphQL) and GrandStack, supported by Neo4j drivers and libraries.

Seamless Visualization

Seamless presentation of Neo4j data on Amazon QuickSight using the Neo4j Connector for Business Intelligence.

Enriched AI models

Enrich Amazon Sagemaker AI models using features generated from Neo4j’s graph embeddings.

Build With Confidence on AWS

Neo4j delivers robust transactional guarantees and unmatched reliability at scale - supporting billions of nodes and relationships. With AWS, Neo4j provides air-tight security while remaining easy to deploy and manage. You get verified data integrity with ACID compliance plus predictive scalability.

Business Agility

High agility to adapt to changing business requirements due to Neo4j’s dev-friendly schema and Amazon’s elastic infrastructure and data services.

Security & Privacy

Secure access to graph data on AWS cloud with our RBAC and SSO integration, data encryption in flight (Neo4j) and at rest (Amazon), and certified AWS Privatelink integration.

Scale As You Go

Choose the right Neo4j deployment for your needs on AWS - from self-managed to fully managed as you grow. Start small while prototyping then scale up production workloads, with Neo4j usage counting toward your overall AWS budget and consumption.

Deploy on AWS with Ease

Neo4j offers a variety of ways to run on AWS.


Neo4j is available on AWS Marketplace as a fully managed service with Aura Enterprise and Aura Pro.


Neo4j offers CloudFormation Templates that are available through the AWS Marketplace. Additional templates are available on the AWS Quick Start. The open source code is on GitHub. Documentation is available here.


Neo4j runs well in AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Read about our Helm charts aid deployment.

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