Graphs Provide a 360° View of Your Data

As businesses become more customer centric, it has never been more urgent than today to leverage the connections in your data to make timely operational decisions. This requires a technology to unify your master data, including customer, product, supplier and logistics information to power the next generation of ecommerce, fraud detection, supply chain and logistics applications.

Neo4j MDM graph databases enable the creation of a 360° view of your master data made available in real time to all your operational applications. Such a 360° view can be created either by managing all your master data inside a single repository or by creating a shared metadata repository to support activities ranging from ecommerce to customer support.

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Business Outcomes

360-degree insights

Gain real-time business insights from relationships in master data when storing and modeling data as a graph, including queries around data ownership, organizational hierarchies, human capital management, supply chain transparency and a 360° view of your customers for customized, up-to-the minute marketing, sales and support.

Empowered business decisions

Graphs give MDM professionals the insights needed to acquire and retain more customers, accelerate time-to-value from acquisitions and deliver better products and services.

Faster time to market

The needs of your master data application change as often as your customers. The graph data model can be seamlessly evolved and built upon to accommodate new data sources and types, so your application can be adjusted with incredible agility as your customer and data needs change.


Complex and hierarchical datasets

Master data, such as organizational and product data, has deep hierarchies with top-down, lateral and diagonal connections. Managing such data models with a relational database results in complex and unwieldy code that is slow to run, expensive to build and time-consuming to maintain.

Real-time query performance

Master data systems must integrate with and provide data to a host of applications within the enterprise – often in real time. However, traversing a complex and highly interconnected data set to provide real-time information is a challenge without the right technology.

Dynamic structure

Master data is highly dynamic, with the constant addition and re-organization of nodes, making it harder for your developers to design systems that accommodate both current and future requirements.

Why Neo4j?

Native graph storage

Unlike relational databases, Neo4j stores interconnected master data that is neither purely linear nor hierarchical. Neo4j’s native graph storing makes it easier to decipher your data by not forcing intermediate indexing at every turn.

Flexible schema

Neo4j’s versatile property graph model makes it easier for organizations to evolve master data models as customer needs and data sources, types and formats change over time.

Performance and scalability

Neo4j’s native graph processing engine supports high-performance graph queries on large master datasets to enable real-time decision making no matter how fast or large your data grows.

High availability

The built-in, high-availability features of Neo4j ensure your master data is always available to mission-critical applications, and ACID-compliant transactions ensure the integrity of your master data for always-accurate customer and product insights.


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White Paper: Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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