Neo4j on AWS

You can deploy Neo4j on Amazon Web Services (AWS) directly from the AWS Marketplace or by using the Neo4j CloudFormation Templates hosted on GitHub.

The AWS Marketplace represents a straightforward method to deploy Neo4j on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances in AWS.

The Neo4j Enterprise Edition listings (for both Neo4j 5 and 4.4) on the AWS Marketplace can be found at Neo4j Enterprise Edition on the AWS Marketplace.

In addition to the AWS Marketplace listings, Neo4j provides a number of CloudFormation Templates, which can be customized to meet more complex use cases. These templates are hosted in a public GitHub repository and can be found at Neo4j CloudFormation Templates on GitHub.

Further custom templates which serve other commonly requested use-cases can be on the same repository in the custom-templates directory. These custom templates are also freely available but are not part of the Neo4j official AWS Marketplace offering.

The main branch hosts the CodeFormation templates for Neo4j 5. A separate branch is maintained for the templates for Neo4j 4.4.

The official Neo4j AWS Marketplace listing uses the marketplace template to deploy Neo4j.

Neo4j CloudFormation template

CloudFormation is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service that tells AWS how to deploy a set of interrelated resources.

The Neo4j CloudFormation templates have the following properties:

  • Optionally install Graph Data Science (GDS).

  • Optionally install Bloom.

  • Specify the number of desired Neo4j instances.

  • Select EC2 instance type (and disk size).

  • Specify SSH CIDR range.

Verify that Neo4j is running

When the CloudFormation stack is created, navigate to the Outputs tab and click the Neo4jLoadBalancerURL.

neo4j lb

The URL points to the Neo4j Browser, where the specified credentials can be used to log in to Neo4j.

neo4j service

Clean up the resources and remove your stack

Select the CloudFormation stack to be removed and click the Delete button. The stack deletion cleans up all AWS resources deployed by it.