Browser credentials handling

This section explains how to control how credentials are handled in Neo4j Browser.

Neo4j Browser has two mechanisms for avoiding users having to repeatedly enter their Neo4j credentials.

First, while the Browser is open in a web browser tab, it ensures that the existing database session is kept alive. This is subject to a timeout. The timeout is configured in the setting browser.credential_timeout. The timeout is reset whenever there is user interaction with the Browser.

Second, the Browser can also cache the user’s Neo4j credentials locally. When credentials are cached, they are stored unencrypted in the web browser’s local storage. If the web browser tab is closed and then re-opened, the session is automatically re-established using the cached credentials. This local storage is also subject to the timeout configured in the setting browser.credential_timeout. In addition, caching credentials in browser local storage can be disabled altogether. To disable credentials caching, set :/reference/configuration-settings/index.adoc#config_browser.retain_connection_credentials in the server configuration.

If the user issues a :server disconnect command then any existing session is terminated and the credentials are cleared from local storage.