Back up an offline database

This section describes how to back up an offline database.

Remember to plan your backup carefully and to back up each of your databases, including the system database.

1. Command

A Neo4j database can be backed up in offline mode using the dump command of neo4j-admin.

1.1. Usage

The neo4j-admin dump command can be used for performing a full backup of an offline database. It dumps a database into a single-file archive, called <database>.dump. Alternatively, neo4j-admin dump can stream dump to standard output, enabling the output to be piped to another program, for example to neo4j-admin load.

The command can be run only locally from an online or an offline Neo4j DBMS.

It does not support SSL/TLS.

1.2. Syntax

neo4j-admin dump --to=<destination-path>

1.3. Options

Option Default Description


Destination (file or folder) of database dump, or - for standard output.


Enable verbose output.


Allow command expansion in config value evaluation.



Name of the database to dump.

2. Example

The following is an example of how to create a dump of the default database neo4j, called neo4j-<timestamp>.dump, using the neo4j-admin dump command. The target directory /dumps/neo4j must exist before running the command and the database must be offline.

bin/neo4j-admin dump --database=neo4j --to=/dumps/neo4j/neo4j-<timestamp>.dump

neo4j-admin dump cannot be applied to the Fabric virtual database. It must be run directly on the databases that are part of the Fabric setup.