3.1. File locations

This section provides an overview of where files are stored in the different Neo4j distributions, and the necessary file permissions for running Neo4j.

Important files can be found in the following locations by default.

Package Configuration Data * Logs Metrics Import Bin Lib Plugins

Linux or OS X tarball









Windows zip












/var/log/neo4j/ **









/var/log/neo4j/ **






Windows desktop

%APPDATA%\Neo4j Community Edition\neo4j.conf

%APPDATA%\Neo4j Community Edition

%APPDATA%\Neo4j Community Edition\logs

%APPDATA%\Neo4j Community Edition\metrics

%APPDATA%\Neo4j Community Edition\import

%ProgramFiles%\Neo4j CE 3.4\bin

(in package)

%ProgramFiles%\Neo4j CE 3.4\plugins

OS X desktop






(in package)

(in package)

(in package)

* Please note that the Data directory is internal to Neo4j and its structure subject to change between versions without notice.

** To view the neo4j.log for Debian and RPM, use journalctl --unit=neo4j.

3.1.1. Log files

Filename Description


The standard log, where general information about Neo4j is written. Not written for Debian and RPM packages. See relevant sections.


Information useful when debugging problems with Neo4j.


Request log for the HTTP API.


Garbage Collection logging provided by the JVM.


Log of executed queries that takes longer than a specified threshold. (Enterprise Edition only.)


Log of security events. (Enterprise Edition only.)


Log of errors encountered when installing or running the Windows service. (Windows only.)

3.1.2. Configuration

Some of these paths are configurable with dbms.directories.* settings; see Section A.1, “Configuration settings” for details.

The locations of <neo4j-home> and conf can be configured using environment variables.

Location Default Environment variable Notes


parent of bin


Must be set explicitly if bin is not a subdirectory.




Must be set explicitly if it is not a subdirectory of <neo4j-home>.

3.1.3. Permissions

The user that Neo4j runs as must have the following permissions:

Read only
  • conf
  • import
  • bin
  • lib
  • plugins
Read and write
  • data
  • logs
  • metrics
  • all files in bin