Introduction to running a standalone Neo4j instance on a Kubernetes cluster.

Neo4j supports a standalone server installation of Neo4j on Kubernetes using Neo4j Helm charts.

Currently, the Neo4j product supports Helm charts for a standalone server. If you are interested in working with Neo4j Causal Clusters in Kubernetes, check the Neo4j-Helm Labs project at

1. What is Helm?

Helm ( is a “package manager for Kubernetes”. It usually runs on a machine outside of Kubernetes and creates resources in Kubernetes by calling the Kubernetes API. Helm installs and manages applications on Kubernetes using Helm Charts, which are distributed via Helm Chart Repositories.

The Neo4j Helm Charts repository contains helm charts for a Neo4j standalone server (neo4j/neo4j-standalone) and support charts to simplify configuration and operations.

2. Licensing

The source code in the Neo4j Helm Charts repository is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.