2.3. Mac OS installation

This section describes how to install Neo4j on Mac OS with a desktop installer or from a tarball.

Neo4j can be run as a desktop or console application, or as a service.

2.3.1. Mac OS installer

  1. Download the .dmg installer that you want from http://neo4j.com/download/.
  2. Click the downloaded installer file.
  3. Drag the Neo4j icon into the Applications folder.

If you install Neo4j using the Mac installer and already have an existing instance of Neo4j the installer will ensure that both the old and new versions can co-exist on your system.

2.3.2. Unix console application

  1. Download the latest release from http://neo4j.com/download/.

    • Select the appropriate tar.gz distribution for your platform.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive, using: tar -xf <filename>

    • Refer to the top-level extracted directory as: NEO4J_HOME
  3. Change directory to: $NEO4J_HOME

    • Run: ./bin/neo4j console
  4. Stop the server by typing Ctrl-C in the console.

When Neo4j runs in console mode in the foreground logs are printed to the Terminal.

2.3.3. Mac OS service

Use the standard Mac OS system tools to create a service based on the neo4j command.