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Mission-Critical Ready

Neo4j AuraDB™ is designed to meet your stringent security, reliability and compliance needs.

99.95% Service Uptime Guarantee1

Neo4j AuraDB is built on a self-monitoring and self-healing architecture. AuraDB’s fault-tolerant design guarantees high availability, and automatically and instantly heals from component or infrastructure failures.

No Scheduled Maintenance Window

Service upgrades and patches are automatically delivered in the background, without any interruption or degradation to the service. This ensures you have the latest improvements always.

Multi-AZ Distribution

AuraDB’s multi-AZ distribution provides enhanced availability and durability. Each AZ runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be reliable. AuraDB is built on a cluster-replicated architecture that performs instant failover when needed, without any service interruption.

Automated Backups

With flexible backup policies, your backups are automated for worry-free data availability and disaster recovery. Backup snapshots are fully encrypted and verified for data consistency. Restore with just a click and recover your data reliably.

ACID Compliant

Neo4j is a fully ACID-compliant and transactional database intended to be a secure and safe source-of-truth database for your enterprise. AuraDB ensures that operations that modify data happen within a transaction and guarantees consistency.

Durable Storage

Data is replicated across three networked virtual disks, each of which is itself replicated for reliability. Your data is stored in high-performance storage designed for high durability.

1 Service guarantee applies to the AuraDB Enterprise Tier of Service


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