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We run a variety of live streams and online meetups so that people around the world can get fresh Neo4j content. Our regular streamers cover a variety of topics at different times during the week. We also have online meetups, often with special guests!

You can keep an eye on what’s happening by:

Our regular streamers

Monday - Lju

Ljubica Lazarevic

4pm UTC (8am PST, 11am EST, 9:30pm IST)

Lju Lazarevic looks at an article from our developer newsletter, This Week in Neo4j.

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Wednesday - Florent

Michael Hunger

7:30am PST, 10:30 EST, 3:30pm UTC, 4:30pm CET, 9pm IST

Florent Biville shows how to build applications based on the available drivers (HTTP, Bolt, JDBC) and Object-Graph mappers. He’s currently building a backend in Golang with the official Neo4j driver.

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Thursday - Will

Will Lyon

10pm UTC (2pm PST, 5pm EST, 11pm CET)
(Friday 9am AEDT, 11am NZDT)

Will Lyon covers building GraphQL APIs with Neo4j and fullstack applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database, using the GRANDstack framework, using a real-estate app as an example, as well as building a travel guide with Gatsby.

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Upcoming Online Meetups

Stream catch-up and previous meetup sessions

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Join us!

Working on an exciting graphy problem? Building out a community driver and you want to share the word? Thinking about a theory you want to discuss? We’d love to hear about it and share your initiatives with the community. Drop a message on our Online Meetup group, and/or tweet Lju, and let’s make it happen!