Settings drawer

bloom settings drawer1

The Settings drawer contains various options for the application. The following can be controlled from this drawer:

  • Node query limit - can be adjusted within a range of 100-10000.

  • Search timeout - controls the duration of a search query.

  • Logout timeout - controls the time of inactivity before session is logged out, can be turned off to keep session active indefinitely.

  • Experimental features - to show features that are available on an experimental basis.

  • Show restore scene dialog - allows you to restore the scene from your previous session.

  • Auto-select results - automatically selects new nodes on the scene.

  • Graph layout compatibility mode - can solve compatibility issues between GPU and WebGL. See Compatibility mode for more information.

  • Case insensitive search and suggestions - enables case insensitive use of both search and in suggestions.

  • Property tooltips - enables tooltips that shows the properties of a node when you hover over it.

  • Enable Cytoscape - when enabled, smaller graphs are laid out using a Cytoscape layout. This is faster and makes the elements in the scene more readable, and it applies to graphs of <150 nodes. It is enabled by default and when disabled, all graphs are laid out using Bloom’s standard layout.

  • Product Analytics - consent settings for sharing telemetry data with Neo4j. See Settings for Product Analytics for more information.