Use Case: Network and IT Operations

Make sense of your complex networks

The size and complexity of your network and IT infrastructure requires a configuration management database (CMDB) more powerful than anything relational databases have to offer. Using a graph database like Neo4j, you discover new insights from existing data, including a 360-degree view of configuration data and real-time information on data relationships.

Take a closer look at two Neo4j deployments in this white paper: How Graph Databases Solve Problems in Network & Data Center Management.

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Business Outcomes

Impact analysis and network planning

  • Quickly determine the impacts of a node failure, maintenance outage or incursion and recommend alternate routes around your most relied-upon components.

Root-cause analysis

  • Immediately identify the root cause of any network or infrastructure problem by tracing back dependencies quickly and easily. Also provide service desks greater visibility of all components and relationships that make up your IT infrastructure.

Routing and quality-of-service (QoS) mapping

  • Find the best, shortest or least busy path; pinpoint the best location in the network to introduce a new service; and complete your QoS mapping from the segment level to the entire network.

IT infrastructure management

  • Map IT services to the chain of dependent physical and virtual infrastructure components, optionally mapping all the way up to cost centers.


Highly interrelated elements

  • Whether you’re managing a major network change; providing more effective security-related access; or optimizing a network, application infrastructure or data center – the physical and human interdependencies are extremely complex and challenging to manage.

Non-linear and non-hierarchical relationships

  • Relationships among the various nodes in your network are neither purely linear nor hierarchical, making it difficult to model using traditional RDBMS. In addition, when two or more systems are brought together, these relationships become even more complex to describe.

Growing physical and virtual nodes

  • With rapid growth in network sizes and both the number and types of elements added to support new network users and services, your IT organization must develop systems that accommodate both current and future requirements.

Why Neo4j?

As your IT operations continue to expand globally and become more interconnected than ever before, your configuration management database (CMDB) needs to keep up. With Neo4j, you manage and monitor your networks with real-time insights on the relationships between your data that ensure nothing happens to your IT infrastructure that you aren’t immediately aware of. Neo4j has become the database of choice for IT operations managers and network administrators alike.

Native graph store

  • Unlike relational databases, Neo4j stores interconnected network data that is neither linear nor purely hierarchical. Neo4j’s native graph storing makes it easier to decipher your IT operations by not forcing intermediate indexing at every turn.

Flexible schema

  • Neo4j’s versatile property graph model makes it easier for organizations to evolve their network and infrastructure models.

Performance and scalability

  • Neo4j’s native graph processing engine supports high-performance graph queries on large relational datasets to enable real-time decision making.

High availability

  • The built-in, high-availability features of Neo4j ensure your network data is always available to mission-critical applications.

Customer Spotlight

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute - PRISMA screenshot
Neo4j is ideal for modeling our product chains. Neo4j gives us an automated blueprint of our infrastructure, and we can do ad hoc analysis of business and system information that we couldn't do before.
–Hans Verhoef, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI),
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

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Neo4j in Action


Create your network solution using Neo4j

Managing and monitoring your network or IT operations requires more than an RDBMS can offer. Instead, get inspired by this Network Dependency Graph GraphGist to start building your Network and IT Operation systems with Neo4j.

Explore The Network Dependency GraphGist

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