Get started with Neo4j

Explore the capabilities of graph databases

As a property graph database, Neo4j is beneficial for both traversal performance and operations runtime. Learn more about the product and how to start working with your data.

What is Neo4j

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Learn what is a graph database and how to use it in your projects.

Import data to Neo4j

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Read more about the several ways of importing data to your Neo4j graph database.

Model your data to Neo4j

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Discover strategies to model your data and to improve your workflow.

Query a Neo4j database

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Learn Cypher®, Neo4j’s graph query language, and start thinking about graphs and patterns.

Create applications with Neo4j

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Run through detailed examples of how to integrate Neo4j with your preferred programming language.

Data science with Neo4j

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Learn how to use Neo4j Graph Data Science, a library of graph algorithms for analysts and data scientists.

Visualize data in Neo4j

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Learn how to export your graph data in Neo4j for display as a visualization.

GraphAcademy: Neo4j Fundamentals

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Enroll to Neo4j Fundamentals course on GraphAcademy to get started with the technology.

Keep exploring

Here are some recommended resources to get started with Neo4j:

  1. Graph database concepts

    Learn the fundamentals of graph database and how to transition from other types of database.

  2. Example datasets

    Use these example datasets to explore Neo4j’s features and tools.

  3. Resources

    Go through a list of complementary resources to help you get started with Neo4j and graph databases.