Data modeling tools

To help you with designing a new graph database structure, the following tools were created:

If you have data stored in a flat file format, use Neo4j Data Importer — no-code tool for importing flat file data (.csv, .tsv) into Neo4j databases. Data Importer is available on AuraDB instances as a part of Neo4j Workspace via the Import tab:

workspace import tab is ideal for making a sketch of a graph, therefore if your aim is to design a domain model that your data will follow, go to the page.

Projects overview

Neo4j Data Importer

If you are new to Neo4j or completely new to graph, it could be hard to know where to start when it comes to loading data.

Neo4j has many data import options:

  • LOAD CSV Cypher® command for online import

  • APOC procedures for other formats

  • neo4j-admin database import command to load a full database

These tools are capable, but you have to spend some time on learning them that can get in the way when you are just starting out.

To address this need, Neo4j Data Importer was created, a small but capable no-code user-friendly interface for loading flat file data into Neo4j databases.

data importer 1

Today Neo4j Data Importer provides:

  • Support for flat-file inputs (.csv, .tsv) in the region of 1 million total rows equivalent (no upper limit is enforced, but larger loads take longer and rely on a reliable network connection to your database).

  • The ability to sketch out a graph model and map your input data to its structure and properties.

  • Loads into any Neo4j database which are reachable from your machine.

Data is only kept in your web browser; the tool does not use a server side component.

Neo4j Data Importer is currently available on Neo4j AuraDB instances. is a web-based tool from Neo4j Labs for drawing graphs.

While designing a graph data model, you may need to visualize different versions. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to structure your data for a graph database! Your domain model depends on your business needs and aims to solve your specific problems. Its flexibility allows you to refactor data model to improve performance and maximize capabilities of your graph database.

northwind graph model

Graphs are easy and intuitive to sketch on a whiteboard (we say whiteboard-friendly), and tries to be just as easy and intuitive as using a whiteboard. You are able to create a visual layout of the organization’s data entities, relationships, and properties. Graph data model stays exactly as it was drawn on the whiteboard/ canvas.

With the help of

  1. You can create, modify, and delete essential parts of the Neo4j graph database: nodes and relationships with their labels and properties.

  2. You can convert your table into a graph by using import functions.

  3. You are able to export images from as Cypher statements and load data into Neo4j database. features:

  • quick intuitive drawing with a mouse

  • fine-grained styling control: sizes, layouts, and colors

  • several options for exporting images

  • functionality for importing JSON files or tables