Building Knowledge Graphs: A Practitioner's Guide


By Jesús Barrasa & Jim Webber

Publisher: O'Reilly

Available Formats: PDF - EN US


Unlock the potential of knowledge graphs and reinvent how you develop data-backed applications and implement advanced analytics.

Building Knowledge Graphs: A Practitioner’s Guide is a crucial resource for developers and data scientists who aspire to excel in building, managing, and leveraging knowledge graphs, brought to you by Neo4j and O’Reilly – one of the trusted names in technology and business knowledge.

This wide-ranging guide covers everything from the basics to advanced approaches, equipping you with the knowledge and technical skills to employ this groundbreaking technology in your projects.

After reading Building Knowledge Graphs: A Practitioner’s Guide, you will learn:

    • The fundamental principles of knowledge graphs, their components, and their growing importance in today’s data-driven world.
    • How to build and manage knowledge graphs with graph databases step-by-step and best practices.
    • How to query, analyze, and visualize your knowledge graph using languages like Cypher and uncover valuable insights through data analytics and visualization.
    • How to use machine learning to enrich your knowledge graph and mine features from a knowledge graph to create accurate predictive models.
    • How to apply knowledge graphs in real-world scenarios and explore practical applications in various industries to drive innovation and success.
    • And much more!

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