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Neo4j Ops Manager

Manage all of your Neo4j databases from one centralized location with easy-to-use tools.

Consolidated Database Management At Scale

Effortless Performance Oversight

Neo4j Ops Manager simplifies and accelerates the work of database operations teams by providing instant monitoring, administration, and operations tools across all Neo4j Enterprise databases, instances, and hosts – from a single location.

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Neo4j Ops Manager Advantages

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Easily manage Neo4j databases, instances, and deployments

db connect

Graphically view the status of all clusters, instances, and health metrics

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Get deeper insights into resource utilization rates and other key metrics

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Detect issues faster to improve database reliability

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Identify more optimization opportunities

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Manage role-based access control

Turnkey Monitoring

Operations teams no longer need to install, configure, and integrate third-party monitoring tools or do a manual setup. Now you can instantly see the status of all databases, clusters, and instances, and drill down into the detailed health metrics.

Centralized Management

Perform administrative, operations, and monitoring tasks from one convenient location. You can also manage all databases in your Neo4j environments, whether they are deployed in the cloud or on-premises, and easily create databases, configure them, and deploy them at scale.

Actionable Insights

See database-specific metrics such as Cache Hit Ratio and utilization metrics of the underlying compute, memory, and storage resources. You can also:

  • Quickly analyze key metrics that matter most
  • Conveniently review database, OS, and host metrics from the dashboard

Security Management

Provides role-based access control and fine-grained security in the managed DBMS. Now you can easily:

  • Handle user and role creation, modification, and deletion
  • Manage the assignment of users to roles, and granting, denying, or revoking privileges from roles
  • Protect customer data with additional security measures

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Neo4j Ops Manager works with Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

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Video Resources

Watch these Neo4j Ops Manager demos to see how easy it is to use.

Get an estate-wide view of managed DBMSs.

Access denied! Set up role-based access to databases.

Running like a dream. Review the health of Neo4j deployments.

Some assembly required. Add a Neo4j database to be monitored.

*Neo4j Ops Manager 1.0 requires Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.4 or later.