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O'Reilly's Graph Databases

by Ian Robinson, Jim Webber and Emil Eifrem

O'Reilly's Graph Databases, 2nd Edition

"This book significantly helps in understanding what graph databases are and how to use them properly...
I really liked reading it!"

- Krzysztof Ropiak, Customer

Print Length: 224 Pages
Available Device Formats: PDF, Kindle, iBooks
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Master the emerging world of graph databases, including topics like:

Options for storing connected data

- Why Relational Databases Aren't Enough
- How NoSQL Databases Lack Relationships
- How Graph Databases Embrace Data Relationships

Data Modelings with Graphs

- The Labeled Property Graph
- An Introduction to the Cypher Query Language
- Relational vs. Graph Data Modeling

Building a Graph Database Application

- Application Architecture
- Capacity Planning
- Importing and Loading Bulk Data

Predictive Analysis with Graph Databases

- Graph Theory and Predictive Modeling
- Depth- and Breadth-First Search
- Path-Finding with Dijkstra's Algorithm

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