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The Graph Technology Buyer's Guide

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The graph technology market is heating up with a wide variety of database and analytics vendors staking claim to connected data capabilities.

Making an informed decision is difficult because graph technology is a whole new way of managing data.

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This buyer’s guide helps educate and expedite your decision by showing you what to look for in a graph technology vendor, including:

  • The differences between non-native and native graph databases
  • What to look for in a graph query language
  • How to evaluate a vendor-sponsored benchmark
  • Why scalability is measured differently for graph technology
  • What indicators to look for in a graph vendor’s business
  • A complete checklist of all criteria to consider as you compare vendors

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The great irony is that relational databases are terrible with relationships. But all data is inherently related. Relationships matter, and relational databases just don’t get you there.

Mark Richey, CTO and Cofounder, FactGem