BI Connector Technical Guide


By David Allen, Partner Solution Architect

Available Formats: PDF - EN US, PDF - EN A4


Data-driven decisions are key to new insights and breakthroughs at your enterprise – but today’s BI tools can only provide you with so much information.

Graph database technology makes your business intelligence richer and more contextual, and now with the Neo4j BI Connector, you have the power of both solutions integrated at your fingertips.

Neo4j’s BI Connector enables direct access to graph database technology from the ease and familiarity of industry-leading BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, TIBCO Spotfire Server and Microstrat­egy.

This technical guide walks you through using the BI Connector in a production environment, including:

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  • How to translate tabular data into graphs with JDBC data integration
  • How to uncover in­sights in real time using graph analytics
  • How to see the patterns in your organization using graph data visualization
  • How to communicate data seamlessly across the enterprise
  • How to troubleshoot your BI technology stack

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