Analyst Report:

Selecting a Database for Generative AI in the Enterprise


By Mike Leone

Publisher: Enterprise Strategy Group

Available Formats: PDF - EN US

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The companies that take GenAI from experimental to enterprise-ready will gain a competitive edge in the 2024 market. Yet many business leaders hesitate to adopt this explosive technology because of risks like hallucination and unexplainability. 

A report from Enterprise Strategy Group examines today’s landscape, including the opportunities for businesses that invest in GenAI. The analyst covers:

  • The top challenges in driving GenAI adoption
  • Essential criteria to use when selecting your database partner
  • The role of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) in improving hallucination and explainability
  • Why a vector-only strategy will fall short for enterprise requirements
  • The best-practice approach for building a scalable GenAI solution

Don’t wait for your competition to outpace you with GenAI. See what the analyst names “the strongest grounding option.”