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How Graph Technology Drives Modern Supply Chain Strategy

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The modern supply chain is vast and complex, leaving it vulnerable to disruptions like component shortages and transportation delays.

To overcome these challenges, you need to make informed decisions. This means you must be able to see every piece of your supply chain and understand the key relationships between those pieces. Yet, according to a recent report by Tive, 50% of companies lack that visibility.1

As this white paper shares, supply chain leaders are turning to graph technology to build more resilient supply chain systems. In the white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How graphs can deliver 417% ROI and cut your time to value by two-thirds2
  • How graphs enable you to visualize and understand your entire supply chain
  • How to use algorithms to gain deeper insights and inform decision-making
  • Real-world examples of graph-powered supply chain optimization

If you’re ready to gain the visibility and insights you need to optimize your supply chain operations, How Graph Technology Drives Modern Supply Chain Strategy is the perfect place to start.




1 Tive, “The State of Visibility 2023,” April 21, 2023.
2 Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact™ of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform,” October 2021.

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