White Paper

How Knowledge Graphs Enhance GenAI Outcomes


Publisher: Neo4j, Deloitte, and Google Cloud Platform

Available Formats: PDF - EN US


Leaders across sectors agree that GenAI will transform their businesses. So why are so many organizations still struggling to implement GenAI solutions that deliver true value?

It’s because GenAI’s most powerful impact comes from generating context-driven insights from an organization’s own data. The real enterprise GenAI challenge, then, is actually a data challenge: What is the most effective way to give a GenAI solution access to an immense amount of enterprise information?

In this white paper from the newly announced tri-alliance between Neo4j, Deloitte, and Google Cloud Platform, find out how knowledge graphs enable you to:

    • Centralize massive pools of structured and unstructured data
    • Make enterprise knowledge accessible and useful for decision-making
    • Unearth insight using GenAI inference based on your organization’s context
    • Search enterprise data with humanlike language using LLMs
    • Mitigate risk and reduce hallucinations, making your data traceable to the source

Download the white paper to learn how to start a successful GenAI implementation in just four steps—and begin gaining smarter insights from your enterprise data today.

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