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Knowledge Graphs Power Business Transformation

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According to the world’s leading analyst and research firm IDC’s Global DataSphere, 65 percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP) will be digitalized, driving over $6.8 trillion in spending from 2022 to 2023.

A higher proportion of GDP will be contributed by digital products and services. Increasingly, companies will face new challenges in the digital-first economy, and they will be required to scale solutions with greater agility.

Knowledge graphs can be used for catching anomalies, discovering patterns, and laying a solid foundation for intelligent solutions such as recommender systems and digital twins. All companies can find relevant use cases.

This InfoBrief covers:

  • What knowledge graphs are and how they are used
  • Building knowledge graphs
  • Fraud detection and risk profiling in banking, insurance, retail, and ecommerce
  • Biomarker discovery for life science and pharmaceuticals
  • Recommender systems for ecommerce, retail, banking, and professional services
  • Knowledge graph-based analytics for ML and AI
  • Essential guidance on scaling knowledge graphs for the digital-first economy
  • How Neo4j knowledge graphs make sense of complex data for intelligent decision-making

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