White Paper: Overcoming SQL Strain

Never Write Another Join! Solve Your RDBMS Problems With a Graph Database

Relational databases work best for problems that are well defined at the outset, when you have tabular data, with a consistent structure and a fixed schema. But trying to answer questions about data relationships using a relational database involves numerous JOINs, resulting in database complexity and poor performance. Relational databases just cannot store relationships between data elements, and so they are not well suited for today’s highly connected data.

White Paper:  Overcoming Sql Strain and SQL Pain

This paper will show you how:

  • To recognize symptoms of SQL strain
  • Graph databases are better suited than RDBMS for connected data
  • Whiteboard-friendly graph data modeling makes it easy to evolve your model
  • Performance of relationship queries can be improved with graph storage and processing
  • Full ACID compliance lets you protect data trustability
  • Learning to use a graph database is easy for RDBMS experts
    • Cypher is the most intuitive graph database language
    • Data modeling is natural, like drawing on a whiteboard

Download and read Overcoming SQL Strain: How Using Graph Technology Improves Performance and Business Agility.

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